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I developed this site while working with Simply Design Group. David Nordyke was the project manager  and together we built a beautiful sermon store for Jerry Vines. This site features a large ecommerce site as well several options per product. Due to the fact the site has an ecommerce store, we implemented best practices for security and confidentiality in the checkout process. This ministry site also allows for clients to view the layout on their mobile device. We used SEO strategies to make the site readable by google analytic. In addition, we implemented premium plugins for the client to be able to update any information without the use of a third party developer. You can check out other TDigital Solutions Sites Here. 

Jerry Vines provides Bible preaching and teaching materials. Books, DVDs, and CDs of expository teaching from God’s Word have been prepared to help busy pastors, Sunday School teachers and other Christian workers. I was able to provide a brand new custom website design. We built the site using the WordPress Content Management System and we also used responsive design in order to make the site work on all mobile devices.

In the site you will also find the complete ten year series that encompass the entire Bible. The site allows you to choose to go straight through the New Testament in 5 years or through the Old Testament in 5 years. Or, you may choose to alternate between the Old and New Testaments. You may choose to select the particular series that contains the Bible books that are of interest at the moment or deal with specific issues at the time.


Visit this site at: JERRY VINES Ministry Site


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Jerry Vines
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