Good Web Design is Good For Your Business

Good Web Design is Good For Your Business

There are plenty of bad designs floating around the interwebosphere (coined word). Though the 80’s music is making a comeback thanks to “Stranger Things”, web design has progressively stretched the boundaries. Oversized fonts, scrolling moving text, font icons, pastel colors and informal content is hot right now. If you are looking for a modern site, you will likely find some of those qualities in them. We often find clients that have to make the hard transition from their old site to the new modern site. How much scrolling is too much scrolling?, they ask. Their older sites had all the content and information in their screen. Of course, you had to shrink the letter size to 8 points to make it fit, but all of it had to be placed within the first view of the potential clients. I’m sure you remember the flash sites, or the html pages with large margins. They sure bring good memories.

Adapting to the Times

Needless to say, its important to know that as we adapt to the times, a great design can make a good idea even better. The job of a developer its not just about having all the new features, but it’s about using them wisely. There is a lot of amazing tools out there, but a good developer can discern what fits bets to your business, and more importantly to your audience. Your site should be your audience’s first impression of your company. I’ve walked in my client’s modern offices only to find their site is from 2004. We want to make sure your site reflects the same ideals, branding and culture that your business is known for.

When it comes to practical things to do. Here are 3 simple things that you want to see in a good site. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions on your site.

1: Choose a good color scheme.

Color schemes are essential for good design. Like I mentioned above, web design has evolved in every way. Colors have also evolved. You can spot an old blue and a new blue very quickly. To help with color schemes, you can use a site called . This an amazing tool to help you with choosing a color scheme that works for your site. This might mean you might have to freshen up your logo. Target has done this with their old logo red and their new logo. Choose a good color scheme and make sure your site uses this color scheme based on a primary color and your secondary color. Your whole web design, from your logo, title, sliders, footer and text should reflect modern color schemes to adapt to viewers prefer color palettes. Below is the most popular color scheme on Let me know your thoughts.


2: A good homepage slider is essential

Even though I’m not a big fan of the 5 slides within a slider, a good big picture big text slide is an attention getter. Slider Revolution plugin for wordpress is the bomb! They have hundreds of samples to chose from and it will absolutely grab your audiences attention. Creativity is key, but so is usability. Balancing them is our job. Make sure you use someone who can do both. Make sure you dont have something that looks awesome but it doesn’t serve a purpose. Ultimately, we want clients to do something, so make sure your slider helps deliver that. Check this awesome sample slider below:



3: Creative styling of text is key

There is much more to talk about good design, but styling content is very important. Sure you have lots of good content, and you know content is gold on the web. The better the content, the higher your SEO score on the web. But once they are in your site, you don’t just want pages of content for your audience to scroll through. I want my audience to stick around. Hang out a little. Creative displays of content can help them continue reading. Placing images is important. People like pretty things when they read. Text ,Drop caps, Font Icons and much more are at the disposal of a good developer.

Reach out To Us

If you are looking for someone to partner with on redoing or creating your site, give me a shout. I would love to chat with you and see how we can help you develop a unique and creative site. Check out our recent projects, we follow great design techniques!

Stay curious.



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